Pro-Life Ministry

The Pro-Life Committee hosts various events throughout the year, including a spiritual adoption program, a sourdough bread sale for those attending the March for Life, and a Nativity Tree for a pro-life cause.

The Pro-Life Committee also encourages you to pray a Rosary for Life on the 22nd of each month! They further ask if you could keep the following intentions in prayer:

1. For all mothers who have chosen Life, may they find joy, strength, and the love of God through their children.

2. For pregnant women, may God give them strength, health and peace.

3. For all who are practicing natural family planning that their faith and their family lives would be a witness to others of God's love and that they would continue to place their trust in God and conform their wills to God's will for them.

4. For the St. Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus and all of their pro-life initiatives, including their efforts toward spreading the word about true women’s healthcare through training practitioners in NaPro technology, and through support of Guiding Star projects in Iowa.

5. For each one of the Creighton Model Fertility Care System (CrMS) Practitioners

6. For all doctors, that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts to NaPro technology and CrMS

7. For all new and potential candidates for CrMS training

8. For past candidates who are still discerning a vocation as a CrMS practitioner

9. For all Birthright programs

10. That the Choices Medical Clinic will be open to CrMS training for its staff

11. For Hanna Klaus and her TeenSTAR chastity ministry. May God continue to guide her ministry and open hearts to her message, making her ministry a reality in our area.

12. For the Pope Paul VI Institute, that it may continue to spread its message of Life in women’s healthcare.

13. That the Holy Spirit will guide those working to unfold the Love and Life Unlimited for our Diocese, a  conference by Pope Paul VI institute, for all who might learn or promote Napro technology - priests, RCIA  leaders, marriage preparation leaders, and doctors.