Mission Statement

St. Wenceslaus Parish is a Christian Community whose mission is to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We respond to God's love by making Christ a priority in our:

  • Worship
  • Family
  • Workplace
  • Leisure
  • Education
  • Spiritual growth
  • Participation in shared ministry


As a faith community alive with the Holy Spirit we are committed to:

  • A church community life that fosters total community involvement. communication to all, parish commissions, and ecumenism.
  • Liturgy and worship that promotes meaningful and active community involvement in sacramental and daily prayer.
  • Active religious education programs that foster all phases of growth for adults teenagers and children.
  • A sense of social action to create awareness of global. social and economic problems of our time.
  • Evangelization programs that aid in teaching the tenets and teachings of the church, i.e. family enrichment, marital preparation and support of youth.
  • A well-directed financial management programs those guides, develops and creates financial responsibility and fiscal insight to guide programs.

Core Values

The central/core values of the St. Wenceslaus Community include:

  • Developing in each parishioner an understanding of his/her faith which includes knowledge and practice of faith, practice of Christian service and participation in liturgical experiences.
  • Recognizing individual differences among parishioners and provide programs that help all parishioners utilize their special gifts.
  • Promoting responsible attitudes and programs which promote physical and mental health within and outside the parish community.
  • Developing within each parishioner a knowledge and appreciation of the Christian bible through study and participatory experiences.
  • Providing a parish life that includes a variety of social. spiritual and physical activities to foster a "complete" church participant.
  • Teaching and promoting among parishioners the rights and responsibilities of active evangelization and encourage Catholics to act on behalf of peace and justice.
  • Teaching parishioners to understand and respect human life in all aspects.
  • Providing church opportunities for parishioners to actively participate in all appropriate aspects of the Mass.
  • Providing opportunities for parishioners to participate with Deanery members and Diocesan members in efforts to further the mission of universal Church.