Volunteer Lawn Mowing Schedule

For May 22-24, Team 5 (Paul Kaefring, Richard Anderson, Jerome Lansink, and Mike Olney) is responsible for mowing the church lawns.

Below are the mowing teams and the dates they are responsible for the church lawns throughout the mowing season:


Team 1--Gary Busche, Sam Abusada, Peter Jochimsen, Kevin Grauer, and Brian Lehmann
June 12-14, July 31-August 2, Sept. 18-20
Team 2--Kent Kline, Brian Beckman, Gary Sieren, and Phil Kean
June 19-21, August 7-9, Sept. 25-27
Team 3--Michael Shey, Rod Kuenster, Eric Nuxoll, and Jeff Merrell
June 26-28, Aug 14-16, Oct. 2-4
Team 4--Michael Simpson, Greg Brennan, Chris Wilson, and Jeff Banas
July 3-5, August 21-23, Oct. 9-11
Team 5--Paul Kaefring, Richard Anderson, Jerome Lansink, and Mike Olney
May 22-24, July 10-12, August 28-30, Oct. 16-18
Team 6--Thomas Steffen, Michael Keefer, Greg Waddle, Lucas Schippers, and Jacob Poliskey
May 29-31, July 17-19, Sept. 4-6, Oct. 23-25
Team 7--David Marth, Dave Wellendorf, Nestor Lobodiak, Dave Kaska, and Ralph Cox
June 5-7, July 24-26, Sept. 11-13, Oct. 30-Nov. 1


Thanks to everyone for their hard work in taking care of our church grounds!