Volunteer Lawn Mowing Schedule

For September 19-21, Team 3 (Michael Shey, Rod Kuenster, Tom Sauegling, Eric Nuxoll, and Benjamin Waterbury) is responsible for mowing the church lawn.

Here are the remaining dates and teams scheduled for the mowing season:


September 26-28: Team 4 (Michael Simpson, Greg Brennan, Chris Wilson, and Jeff Banas)

October 3-5: Team 5 (Paul Kaefring, Richard Anderson, Jerome Lansink, and Mike Olney)

October 10-12: Team 6 (David Delgado, Michael Schmidt, Michael Keefer, Thomas Steffen, and Jacob Poliskey)

October 17-19: Team 7 (David Marth, Nester Lobodiak, Ralph Cox, Scott Steele, and David Poe)

October 24-26: Team 1 (Gary Busche, Sam Abusada, Father Beckman, Peter Jochimsen, and Kevin Grauer)